Tuesday, August 2, 2011


This weekend, we celebrated our first wedding anniversary.  It's hard to believe that a year has already passed!  We had attempted to plan a last-minute weekend getaway, but it never really panned out, so we celebrated at home for two nights instead of one! 

On Saturday night, we went to a local golf club for a delicious seafood dinner.  I got the scallops, and Kris got the biggest crab cake I have ever seen!  After dinner, we played a round of mini golf, where Kris BARELY beat me by two strokes.  (It wasn't until the 17th hole where I lost my lead - he was shaking in his boots big time.)

On Sunday night, the day of our actual anniversary, we celebrated by having dinner in Baltimore's Inner Harbor at Morton's Steakhouse.  Besides the delicious, succulent steaks, it was such a great way to celebrate!  When I made the reservations, I told them that it was our anniversary, so they did all kinds of special stuff for us!  We sat in a secluded booth, they made up special menus for us, took our picture (which turned out fabulous!), and treated us to one of their signature souffles for dessert.  You basically had to roll us out of the restaurant by the time we were finished!

Do not fear - even though we were filled to the brim after dinner, we still managed to eat our thawed out wedding cake!  Can I please tell you that it tasted AMAZING?!!?  I was expecting it to be really crappy, but it tastes as good as new!  Which is a good thing because we have so much, I can have a piece every single night this week  :-)  Here is what we did to keep it "fresh":

Step 1:  Wrap tightly in saran wrap, several layers deep, and stick the pieces into one of those vacuum Ziploc bags.

Step 2:  Unwrap, and thaw in the refrigerator for 48 hours.

Step 3:  Serve and enjoy!

And in case you were wondering, NO, we did not smash this time... 



  1. by "smash," did you mean the cake or jersey shore style smash? i'm sorry, you set yourself up for that one.

  2. This might be my favorite post yet. I will have to remember this super scientific cake preservation system in October!

  3. congratulations - thats amazingx

  4. I really like your blog dear!
    Keep going with the great work!