Friday, February 25, 2011

Fashion Friday: Rain, Rain, Go Away?

Generally, I get really mellow on rainy days.  I avoid the outdoors, and my preferred activity is watching a chick flick on the couch, wrapped in a fleece blanket, with a nap in my near future.  But as I laid in bed last night listening to the rain fall heavy on our roof, I remembered that there are some really great things about a rainy day.  Most importantly, it's not snow!  We have had some crazy weather here in the last week:  70 degrees last Friday, 8 inches of snow Monday night, and now, it is finally warm enough to RAIN!

And you know what rain means?  An opportunity to wear my navy raincoat, pink and white polka-dot rain boots, and carry my shoe-covered umbrella (Megan, can you believe it hasn't busted yet?!).  So to kick off my first of many "Fashion Fridays," here is some awesome rain gear that I think would be perfect for your spring collection!

Splash around in these ’70s-inspired polka-dot boots from Target

More expensive taste?  Try Kate Spade's Riley Red Daisy Rain Boot

Looking for something less flashy?  Try these black herringbone boots from Target

Nothing says Spring like this marigold trench by Tulle

This Betsy Johnson metallic raincoat has a crinoline skirt for extra flair

Get compliments on the street by wearing this hot pink belted trench from Old Navy

Carry this sweet double-ruffled umbrella that is sure to match all of your other rain gear
And don't forget about your pooch - she needs to stay dry and fashionable, just like you!


  1. umm where do I get the double ruffled umbrella -- need one!! So cute!

  2. I'm really mad because Old Navy was out of the hot pink trench when I went shopping. Alas I'm stuck with khaki...however, I do love the spalsh of color in the rain footwear!! Great post my dear!!!
    PS Do they make doggie rain coats in gold retriever size?? Tank was a MESS this am!!!