Wednesday, February 23, 2011


If you know me, you are probably thinking, "is she really going to start a blog?"  Well, the answer is YES. 

I have been in a little bit of a rut lately.  Not that I have been unhappy, just...lazy.  I haven't been eating right or taking care of my body; I haven't been shopping since Christmas; and I'm just overall B-O-R-E-D with myself.  Mainly, I blame my job.  There are many perks to my job that I will surely miss (and regret complaining about): government holidays and hours, decent pay, plenty of vacation time, and almost complete independence in managing my workload.  But there is one thing that is lacking that makes a great job so important - a challenge.  Everyone loves a good challenge.  And for those of us who went to law school - well, we like downright pain and punishment.  During my first year here, I was engaged and completely happy to spend my entire day planning my wedding.  But after my wedding was over, and there was nothing left to plan, I discovered just how uneventful my daily routine had become.

In order to bring some purpose or meaning back into my daily routine, I am going to blog.  I have to credit my best friend, Kelly, for giving me this idea.  She currently has a photo blog, where she documents each day by taking a picture.  Since she began her blog sometime last year, I noticed that my reliance on her daily posts began to grow, to the point where if she does not post a picture for a few days, I am severely disappointed.  Maybe it's because we live in different places, so by seeing her pictures, I feel more connected to her daily life.  Or maybe it's just because I have nothing better to do than get addicted to someone else's blog.  Either way, thanks. 

I should warn you that I know nothing about blogging.  I have never followed someone else's written blog.  In fact, I googled "how to blog" before even creating this.  Apparently I'm supposed to have a "theme."  So I picked cupcakes and vodka.  It's not so much of a theme, but more of a tone that I am setting for the future posts in this blog.  This blog is going to be my daily dose of fun, which is a necessary step in getting me out of this rut. 

xoxo, T


  1. I love the blog you little BLOGGER!

    Suggestion: get your own dog!

  2. oh teresa. you just wasted 10 minutes of my billing time today and i hate to admit it, but i will continue to lose more billing time every time you post something. my work day has just gotten longer.

    Suggestion: have a baby.

  3. Teres! I love that you admit you are bored. Honestly is the best blog policy! I look forward to your thoughts. You have always been the oldest soul in the youngest body I know.

    Suggestion: have twins

  4. I put you in my google reader, so in between the 100000 wedding blogs I read, I will read yours too :)

    Suggestion: make cupcakes soaked in vodka...then blog about it.

  5. Those thermometors are frickin awesome.