Friday, July 1, 2011

Happy July!

This Evening Dress Barbie Doll greeted me this morning as I flipped my calendar at work to July.  Technically, Barbie isn't wearing a wedding gown - but doesn't this look like something awesome that you would find on a runway but never in real life? 

Speaking of wedding gowns...  We are celebrating my cousin Elizabeth's wedding this weekend!  I usually buy wedding gifts off of registries because I figure that it is exactly what they want, and if for some reason they change their minds, they know where I got it, and they can return it without me finding out.  I do not, however, allow the store to wrap my present.  First, the wrapping is merely an advertisement for the store, which I find completely unnecessary, seeing as how the couple was registered there, and most, if not all, of the wedding guests already spent their money in the store.  Second, I want my package to stand out!  There is nothing I appreciate more than a beautifully wrapped gift.  Sure, some can argue that you just end up ripping the paper and throwing everything away.  So what?!  It's so fulfilling to create something beautiful to give to someone that you care about, and it's so joyful to receive a package that you know someone created just for you.  Here are some ideas to make your next gift special! 

Add a velvet bow to plain paper, giving the package a sense of richness and some texture.

Giving that favorite bottle of wine or champagne?  Secure the wrapping with an embellished ponytail holder.

Natural objects - like coral or a sand dollar - make wonderful accents.
Turn bright construction paper into a ribbon with a hole puncher and some double-stick tape. 

A bright-colored paper with a ribbon in a similar color tone looks really sharp and modern.

Personalize a wooden tag with stick-on letters.  I promise you - it won't be as terrible as science fair.
No time to wrap?  No problem!  Just pick up a decorative box, and you'll have a fancy present in seconds.

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