Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter in Annapolis

This year for Easter, my parents took Kris and me on a holiday weekend getaway to Annapolis, Maryland.  We stayed right at the Waterfront and spent a great weekend exploring downtown Annapolis.  We arrived on Saturday morning, right as it started to rain, and we were dreading the worst - afternoon thunderstorms.  But by the time we checked into our rooms and explored the hotel, the sun was out and shining bright! 

After eating some crabcakes for lunch (obviously), we strolled around the cozy streets.  Here are some of the sights: 

St. Anne's Episcopal Church

The Governor's Residence

The State House
We also took a lovely horse carriage tour around town, and it made me want to live in Annapolis!  All of the streets are very narrow and covered in brick.  Everything is so quiet and colonial - I loved it!

It wouldn't be a proper day in Annapolis without a boat tour! 

For dinner, we ate deliciously juicy steaks at Ruth's Chris Steakhouse.  There is nothing that I love more than an awesome piece of fillet mignon...  except maybe the cheesecake we had for dessert!

Before leaving Annapolis on Easter Sunday, we had to have brunch at Chick & Ruth's Delly.  Inside, you feel like you are in downtown Manhattan - pictures all over the walls, small tables, waitresses running around like crazy women.  They also have "food challenges" - the colossal 1 1/2 lbs. sandwich, the colossal 3 lbs. burger, and the colossal 6 lbs. milkshake.  And believe it or not, a table by us got the milkshake!  They had to stand up to take a sip!  

To end our fun weekend away, we had tickets the O's game in Baltimore.  I love going to Camden Yards - it's such a nice stadium with beautiful views of the city!  I am a little disappointed in myself, though - I was so full from brunch that I didn't get a Hebrew National hot dog  :-(  The only snack I could manage was a small bag of Cracker Jacks.  Luckily it was an exciting game, so I didn't even mind not getting up to eat.  We were all on the edges of our seats at the end - it went into extra innings!  Sadly, the O's lost in the 11th inning by 3 runs...  but we still had a great Easter weekend!   

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