Friday, April 1, 2011

Fashion Friday: Spring Accessories

Even though Mother Nature has seemingly forgotten that it is officially spring (and she played a very mean April Fool's joke today when I had to clean snow off of my car), I have not.  I skipped Fashion Friday last week because I didn't want to talk about spring clothes and then not be able to wear them.  Well, Mother Nature, I can't wait for you any longer.  Ready or not, here I come... with my essential accessories for spring. 

Colorful Shades
There is something about putting on a pair of sunglasses that makes me feel really trendy and glamorous.  Whenever I'm stopped at a red light, I catch a glimpse of myself in the rear view mirror, with my hair gently brushing against the corner of my shades, and I feel like a movie star.  The same feeling comes over me when I'm walking down the street, wearing my sunglasses and a fresh coat of lipgloss.  Maybe this is why I have about 5 different pairs, all lined up on my bureau, ready for whatever mood strikes me for the day.  My favorite pair are teal shades from Target that I received as a part of my "Honeymoon Bag" from my bridesmaids.  My goal this year is to get more colorful shades like these:

Go bold with these red cat-eye shaped sunglasses.
Old Navy - $9.50
These blue cat-eye frames are more vintage-inspired.
"Caroline" by Dazed N Confused Eyewear, - $25.45 
These classic frames are simple and chic for any shaped face.
Fade Wayfarers by Jessica Simpson Collection  - $50

 Light-Weight Scarves 
A light-weight scarf is an indispensible part of my wardrobe.  You can instantly "springify" any look with bright colors and prints.  Plus, it's perfect when the weather is still cooler than you would prefer.

A whimsical Ikat weave with knotted fringe ends.
Ikat Scarf by American Eagle Outfitters - $19.50
This unexpected color combination creates the perfect spring-friendly plaid.
Bright Blush Yarn Dye Multi Plaid Scarf by Loft - $34.50
Beautiful faded watercolor effect that will have a strong impact when worn around your neck.
Siberian Rose Scarf by Madewell - $19.99

Stand-Out Jewelry
Last but never least, please don't forget the jewelry.  Ever since I organized my costume jewelry so perfectly in my top two drawers, I can't get enough of wearing the "new" pieces that I have rediscovered.  My spring goal - make sure my jewelry stands out, every day.

Confession - I love knotted jewelry and pearls.  This my perfection.
Baby Pearl Knot Bracelet by Juliet & Company - $49 at
See?  More twisted strands of chain, beads, and faux pearls.  Love it.
Design Group Twisted Multi Strand Necklace by Spring Street - $38 at Nordstrom
This shows 3 amethyst and gold rings stacked for a flashy heirloom appeal.
Gwyneth II Amethyst Ring by Melinda Maria - $48 from Max & Chloe
A golden cuff with a cut-out dahlia motif.
Etchings Floral Cutout Cuff by Nordstrom - $48


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