Friday, March 11, 2011

Fashion Friday: Luck of the Irish

As St. Patty's Day is approaching next week, I fondly recall celebrating this holiday in college.  I went to a Catholic college, and the majority of the students were actually Irish, so this was a HUGE day on campus.  I can distinctly remember a group of guys walking around campus wearing full-size Irish flags like capes.  Not surprisingly, I was always planning my St. Patty's outfit far in advance because 1) you were about to see every single person that you knew in college, so you had to look really good, and 2) I don't normally wear green for some reason, so I had to shop until I found something perfect.  So in case you have big plans but nothing to wear, here are some fun ideas that I found  :-)

This lengthened tee with stitched front detail and chest pocket would pair great with leggings and knee-high boots.
$30.80 at JCPenney

Here's a cute shamrock scarf to make any outfit Irish.
$7.95 at

This relaxed-fit striped top has a round neck and a mock button placket on the shoulder seam.
$13.80 at Forever21

Accent your waistline with this bright kelly green patent belt with a large buckle.
$9.99 at

This ruffled top adds feminine detail to everyday style.
$19.99 at JCPenney

This open-toe sandal is topped with a bow and makes any outfit fun.
$15.99 at

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