Monday, March 28, 2011

Teriyaki Shrimp Stir-Fry

This weekend, we broke out the wok and make some delicious teriyaki stir-fry.  There really aren't ingredients or a recipe for this meal - it's basically a throw-whatever-you-like-into-the-wok kind of meal.  But I'll tell you what we used, just to get you started  :-)

Brown rice = I highly recommend getting the bag of brown rice instead of the box of instant brown rice.  It takes much longer - about 45 minutes - but it's well worth the wait.  Plus, it takes absolutely no effort.  You boil the water, pour in the rice, cover, and 45 minutes later, you have a pot full of brown rice.  In fact, the directions specifically tell you NOT to open the lid and check on it.  This is my kind of cooking.

Vegetables = We used carrots, broccoli, eggplant, bok choy, mushrooms, snow peas, and scallions.  We cooked the vegetables in two different parts because some of them take longer than others.  Before cooking each installment, we put in about a quarter-sized amount of stir-fry oil.  After all of the vegetables were cooked, we mixed them together in the wok and sprinkled them with teriyaki sauce.

Shrimp = Since shrimp take about 5 minutes to cook in the wok, we made them last.  Once again, before cooking, we added a little stir-fry oil.  After the shrimp were cooked, we tossed them in some teriyaki sauce.

Once the meal was on our plates, we both added some low-sodium soy sauce to the dish because, well, I love soy sauce.  Everything was soooooo yummy!  I felt like we had our own hibachi grill in our kitchen (which was good, because the whole house smelled like one).  So next time you go grocery shopping, pick up some extra veggies, and have a fun time cooking some Asian cuisine!  

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